What Is Plagiarism and How to Avoid It in Your Essay?

Many students are careworn by means of plagiarism and don’t really recognize what it manner. it is advocated that after writing any piece you are fully aware about the pitfalls of plagiarism and the way to avoid it. in case you do no longer understand and consequently, do no longer keep away from plagiarism, you can lose marks or face serious disciplinary motion.

So what’s plagiarism? The college of Dundee (2005) defines it as ‘the unacknowledged use of every other’s paintings as though it were one’s personal’. In this day and age with many technological advances which includes photocopiers, scanners and digital report change, it is a lot less difficult to dedicate plagiarism without surely knowing it. it’s so smooth to replicate others cloth and to ‘cut and paste’ which in a single feel is beneficial, however unless you renowned highbrow assets accurately, you’ll come to be in problem.

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It need to constantly be assumed that a scholar might now not intentionally got down to plagiarise material but it’s miles possible that accidental plagiarism can arise. There are a pair of factors to bear in mind to keep away from plagiarism and those are listed under.

• it’s far applicable to use some other man or woman’s work so long as you well known the source

• ‘Use’ of any other person’s work does no longer definitely imply copying it ‘word for phrase’, it additionally approach ‘in substance’, so a paraphrase of the notions worried isn’t desirable until the supply is recounted

• The proper definition of plagiarism means the use of ideas, writing or innovations that another person’s ‘work’ no longer just words so the use of these ought to be avoided

It is straightforward to peer from those factors how accidental plagiarism ought to occur. but, it is also clean to see how you can keep away from plagiarism – quote the supply.

There are a few other things you may do to avoid plagiarism and these are indexed under.

• maintain notes as you’re writing your work and make a word of your sources. This way you can keep away from unintended plagiarism by now not acknowledging the source effectively and Most of the time teachers use  plagiarism checker tools to check the content of students.

• strive not to duplicate fabric electronically unless you quote the supply

• try and keep away from overuse of direct quotations as plagiarism can occur if your task is made up particularly of quotations

• avoid paraphrasing the work of another character if it’s far too much like the original work. It isn’t always ideal to simply replacement some words right here and there or just rearrange sentences. Paraphrasing whilst used effectively can exhibit your ability to suppose seriously and show which you recognize the ideas within the authentic text

• continually quote your supply. in case you do use direct quotations, then use speech marks or put them italics and usually acknowledge the source

there are numerous pitfalls associated with plagiarism and it is important to locate the stability between the use of someone else’s paintings to support your writing and avoiding overusing that work or the usage of it inappropriately. but, in case you follow the points outlined above, you need to locate that your writing conforms to the rules of plagiarism and receives you the ones all important grades!